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EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Picual Rock’n R’Olive is a round, gentle, well-balanced extra virgin olive oil made of 100% Spanish Picual olives. It’s perfect for healthy food lovers approaching the extra virgin world for the first time. Fresh green leafy and fragrant aromas combine in this oil pleasantly, very polyvalent and can be used for salad dressing and for everyday cooking.

HEALTH: Fresh, high-quality extra virgin olive oil is one of the world's healthiest foods. Olive oils crafted with care are packed with antioxidants and phenolic compounds.

TASTE: The best olive oils are blow-your-mind delicious and they elevate the tastes of our foods in ways we never imagined. Hundreds of olive varieties offer countless pairing possibilities that chefs are only beginning to discover.

FRESHNESS: Excellence; From Field to Table. Cold-pressed on-site within six hours of harvest, production occurs only on demand.

AWARD WINNING: Rock N R Olive Picual Olive Oil - Winner of the "Silver Award" by NYIOOC 2020 in The World Olive Oil Competition!

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